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Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is a guaranteed permanent solution for hair loss. This non-surgical treatment creates a hair illusion by means of pigments that are inserted into the skin with a paperthin needle. In this way, hair loss and baldness are camouflaged, resulting in complete density with a shaved haircut.

The treatment is applied to a shaved haircut (shaven look). The pigments are chosen with care and tailored to your skin type and hair color. At Beauty Care Nederland we guarantee that the treated area will invisibly connect to your real hair, at 0.5 millimeters. Extremely natural results and hairlines is what we strive for.

Expertise, experience and quality

The hair artists of Beauty Care Netherlands belong to the absolute top in performing Scalp Micro Pigmentation, reconstructing a hairline that looks as natural as possible and making scars more or less invisible after a hair transplantation. We introduced the SMP technique in the Netherlands and Belgium years ago and have now performed over a thousand successful treatments. We are fully aware of the impact that hair loss can have on someone’s self-confidence. We therefore take the time for each client and are committed to 100% client satisfaction.

Passion and talent

Thanks to unique talent and passion for the profession, we deliver high quality.

Premium Quality

The result is indistinguishable from the real thing. We always strive for the best result.

Safe and trusted

The pigment we use is 100% safe, does not discolour and is easy to remove.

Personal service

Every client receives the same personal service and attention from us.

- Combination

Scalp Micropigmentation and hair transplant

The combination of Scalp Micropigmentation with low density FUE hair transplantation has also proven to be a great success. Combining Scalp Micropigmentation and FUE hair transplant results in great visual density with a relatively limited amount of transplanted hair. The combination of treatments is perfect for people with a limited donor area and/ or a limited budget. About 2,000 grafts are needed to get a good result.

Free and non-binding consultation

For your convenience and to save you the cost of travel, we offer you our SMP Photo Consult Service. Based on the personal details provided, your photo and answers to the questions below, our team of specialists will make an accurate assessment of your specific situation.

Removing Pigmentation

It is possible to have SMP removed or adjusted at Beauty Care Netherlands. With the use of our fantastic ‘Quanta Q Plus C-laser’, the pigments that have been placed by us will completely disappear after 1 or 2 treatments. Without damage to skin, hair, or blisters! In the case of pigments that have been placed by another provider more treatments may be necessary. That depends on the type and depth of the pigment used.


Personal experiences of others who have undergone treatment at Beauty Care Netherlands.

“Natural and real”
Already around the age of 19 I started to have coves on my head and I became bald over the years. To hide my progressing baldness, I shave my head daily with clippers. For years I thought I had hidden my baldness well in this way, until I was confronted with pictures of myself! Of course I went looking for a solution to have my baldness tackled professionally and after a lot of research I ended up at Beauty Care Netherlands where I was welcomed with open arms. In order to properly understand an MHP procedure, Beauty Care Netherlands offered me the opportunity to watch the implementation of an MHP treatment. With that my doubts disappeared like snow in the sun, partly because I also immediately got the opportunity to ask my questions. The result of an MHP treatment looked so natural and real, so I decided to immediately make an appointment for a treatment myself. To this day, this treatment remains the best investment I have made in myself. The treatment looks natural, so that it is not noticed by others. This not only gives me a good feeling but also the certainty that I have longed for for years. Thanks to Beauty Care, after 4 years I still enjoy the results of my MHP treatment every day.
“3 happy customers in the family”
As the youngest of the family of 3 boys, I am the last to go balding. And yes, then it was my turn. I myself was the 3rd to have it done. 3 satisfied customers within the family. People close to me don't even notice. "It's just shaved short," they say. I recommend it to everyone!
“Feel freer and more confident”
After 25 years of always wearing my cap in public, I now walk around without a cap…and how is that possible…I have micro hair pigmentation. The best thing I've ever had done because it makes me feel like I have hair again and I don't feel bald anymore. People say I radiate extra and don't believe that I have a form of tattoo… an art form that I had done at Beauty Care Netherlands… they don't even see it up close. I used to shade my head but I got tired of doing this every the solution was a hat…now I take it off and feel freer and more confident…and I recommend it to all bald men who are bald a problem..for my no hair transplant because I will never get the full head again…and then I also have to think about how to do my hair!
“Very knowledgeable, the best for me in their field”
Due to a fire accident earlier, I have considered and carried out doing my head with MHP. The responses I got were very good. I now notice that I experience much more freedom. MHP has really surprised my life drastically but positively. I would say to anyone who is in doubt about this treatment, because at Beauty Care Netherlands they are very knowledgeable and would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of this. The best for me in their field. Before this I wore a hair supplement but because of the MHP my freedom is enormous again. Glad I took this step.
“Not a second of regret”
After a long time of doubt, a lot of looking up and dozens of appointments, I have decided to have myself treated with Micro Hair Pigmentation. I am completely bald on the top of my head and crown so they had to cover this area completely. Because I constantly come into contact with people in my current job, I often felt insecure. I am just 29 years old and already bald as a 45 year old. After the treatment I received no more comments about this. People now ask why I don't grow my hair, the Micro Hair Pigmentation on my head is almost indistinguishable from the real hair stubble. What they don't know is that my hair can't grow. I don't regret for a second about the Micro Hair Pigmentation treatment. They have helped me a lot at Beauty Care Netherlands, I now go through life confidently with a head full of dots.

Free and non-binding consultation

For your convenience and to save you the cost of travel, we offer you our SMP Photo Consult Service. Based on the personal details provided, your photo and answers to the questions below, our team of specialists will make an accurate assessment of your specific situation.



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